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Industrial Glove Manufacturer & Exporter Since 1998

Longcane Industries started in the business of gloves as a trading company on 1989 and start manufacturing industrial rubber gloves since 1998. 

Nowaday, Longcane Industries manufacturing and distributing Industrial Rubber Gloves and Household Rubber Gloves to worldwide market.

Longcane Industries having accumulated a vast experience in the industry, the company was incorporated in 21st century, manufacturing its own line of industrial rubber gloves. We have invested heavily in high tech machineries and staff training to equip ourselves to be an internationally renowned producer of rubber gloves. We have come up with a type of industrial glove. i.e. Black Rubber Gloves under Elephant King brand name, and Red Household Rubber Gloves under Butterfly brand etc.

Our products exported to Egypt, Iran, China, Singapore, USA, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and others.

Our Brands:

Elephant King



Elephant King

Elephant King ProSafe Butterfly PRO-CARE Elephant King